Peace by Belinda Liu

Sisters, We walk for Peace
For our children and our children’s children’s children
For scrubbing the anger out of our hearts
So we can wave a white flag
A flag of Humanity ,
Clean of blood
Clean of fear
Clean of division.

Our men have written our history of war
Created our weapons of death
Pouring money to run the river of blood,
Closing their hearts to the pain
Screaming from our wombs.

We walk for peace
In this small corner of Aotearoa
To speak in many  languages
But in one voice.
The message we want to hear
Is the silence of gunshots

We want to sleep to wake up
To a future full of promises.
We want our men to put away
Their differences and open their
We want each nation to let down
Their greed and think of others.
We want to see all the religions praying
For understanding and opening their doors and wisdom to reach oneness.
We want to create a future
For our children free of racism and violence.
We want to walk to pay our debt to humanity for all the inhumanity that history vowed to bleed us dry.
We walk to water our wounds.
We walk to clean our slates and rewrite history.
We want you to walk with us for a minute sisters to show you care.
Walk with us for an hour to show us you are tired of violence.
Walk with us for a day to show us we can wipe off division.
Walk with us for a week to show us hope that we can have peace.
Walk with us for a month to show us that it is possible to make a difference for our children.
Walk with us for a year to show us the world that we have a world worth saving for.
Walk with us sisters and we shall cry to our  men to put their  weapons down,
Beg them not to spend money on destruction.
Pray everyday that our differences are colours of the rainbow and only good will shine through.
Urge our men, our boys, our girls and us to show kindness, patience and love –
So we can move forward to caring for each other,
So we can focus on rebuilding our communities,
So we can help each other rebuild our relationships.

Walk and reach out to each other with open hands.
When you see our open hands
reach out and hold ours
so we can heal each other
comfort each other and
get the strength we need
to walk in PEACE.


written by Belinda Liu

www4Peace Co-chairperson