Peace Walk Photos 2013 (Wellington)

International Women’s Day was celebrated by the Wellington Women Walk for Peace (www4peace) this year through a Peace Walk from the Parliament to Civic Square stopping along the Peace Memorials at the Parliament, and then a Peace Celebration silent auction held at Te Papa in the evening.

The Events are:
1. Assembly at Parliament by the Katherine Sheppard Memorial Rose Garden in front of the Parliament Library at 12:15 (walk until 1:30)

2. Peace Celebration at Te Papa at 6:30pm for special entertainment, Auction for National Women’s Refuge and Daya Trust, speakers and more……

Thank you to those who participated, delivered speeches, contributed, donated, endorsed, performed, volunteered and prayed for the success of this event. We will see you again next year. Happy women’s day! Photos courtesy of Clark Figuracion/Clark Photography

Check out the photos!