Wellington Women Walk For Peace 2014 Event on International Women’s Day

Equality for Women is Progress for All…

The British High Commission in association with Wellington Women Walk for Peace (WWW4Peace), the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, and the Wellington City Council organised an International Women’s Day Event last 8th of March, 2014 at Shed 6 in Wellington. Over 300 people attended the event and listened to the address of the British High Commissioner, HE Vicki Treadell; Wellington Women Walk for Peace (WWW4Peace) Founder and Organiser, Belinda Bonzon-Liu; Justice Minister, Judge Judith Collins; video messages from Minister of Women’s Affairs, Jo Goodhew and Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown. Their messages echoed the concerns of global and local problems of gender gap, violence against women and children, political participation, rape at war zones and the need for action, participation, immersion and support for women from being a contributor, a donor, being aware of issues, becoming an advocate and a conscious consumer.

Katherine McIndoe, winner of the Union of Commonwealth Essay Competition, read “To Boldly Go”: A Letter to the Lost Girls”, her heart felt composition about 100 million women are missing due to trafficking, assault and violence and how everyone should act boldly to change the conditions for women.

The diverse initiatives to improve the lot of women in the world called for no cultural exceptions, to make it everyone’s job which New Zealand is showing support in the form of involvement with the Global Summit to End Rape at War Zones, in London, which Judith Collins will attend; supporting diverse women’s organisations locally as well as nationally; encouraging participation in the political process, working towards improving education of children in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas; and working towards a level playing field for women.