Wellington’s Belinda Bonzon-Liu, Matilde Tayawa-Figuracion, Syerina Syahrin and Samitha Nair were the organizers of the 2012 Peace Walk dubbed Wellington Women Walk for Peace (WWW4Peace) to commemorate International Women’s Day on 8 March, 2012.

Who we areThe idea of the Peace Walk was conceived by Belinda and Syerina during a typical exchange about the ill state of the world. What set this exchange apart from other days,was that they felt they had to take a step to do something for Peace.

Matilde and Samitha came on board to help with the planning and creation of the event. They felt that women should be challenged to make their homes, communities and maybe even the world more peaceful and one part of this is to empower women in their critical role in nurturing, creating and maintaining an environment where this is possible.

There were numerous women’s organizations presently active in Wellington. Walking together on International Women’s Day aims to build an awareness of our interconnectedness and interdependence in our work for peace.

The organisers have invited all women from all walks of life, from different religions or diverse beliefs, and from different ethnicities and cultures to walk. It is the organisers’ hope that this will be start of each woman’s participation, advocacy, immersion and support towards a culture of peace. Walk against violence on women and children. Walk against war. Walk to support the empowerment of women. Walk for peace among women. Walk for peace in our families and communities. WALK FOR PEACE.

Women Walk and Work for Peace 2016 LOGO square
Wellington Women Walk for Peace Official Logo


Meet the women behind Wellington Women Walk For Peace